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Elizabeth Oakes

Grand Master Educator for over 20 years!

Elizabeth Oakes, founder of European Institute of Permanent Make Up is a Master Educator in Permanent Make Up with an extensive international client base spanning the US, Middle East, UK and Ireland. Elizabeth has over 16 years of exclusive knowledge and experience in the permanent make up industry.

Driven by the desire to teach and to help others to follow their dreams, Elizabeth founded the European Institute of Permanent Make Up in 2002. To become certified with EIPMU is to assure your clients that you have reached the highest standards. We have built up an unrivalled reputation within the industry which we pass on to you when you study with us!


Our certificates are internationally recognised and insurable. Many of our former students have client bases that span across several countries. After your training is complete we never lose touch, continually providing support and advice where required.

E.I.P.M.U and Your Career:

By visiting our website you have taken the first step towards becoming one of the most sought after technicians in Europe.

The Permanent Make Up industry is very lucrative and growing day by day, as people continue to search for a more permanent solution to their cosmetic needs.

Becoming a Permanent Make-Up technician awards you the opportunity to take control of your working hours, earn a substantial profit and spend your days doing something you love! Not only that, it allows you to help people in a way that is very rewarding. Nothing can describe the feeling of restoring the confidence of a client who has gone through a gruelling ordeal such as chemotherapy or any hair loss problems.

At the European Institute of Permanent Make Up our goal is to give students the training that they need to become knowledgeable, established and most of all passionate about their careers.

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